About us

If we can consider ourselves the children of the day of the week on which we were born, then Clever Logistic is the Child of Thursday.

Specifically, Thursday, November 26, 2009.

The weather as typical for November in Poland – was unpleasant, but within the company there was a sunny atmosphere and a lot of good energy. At that time, we were mainly involved in multimodal transport and collecting goods from all over Europe for shipment in wagons to recipients in Central Asia.

A small at that time team carried out a huge amount of work efficiently and controlled all processes to make our customers feel safe. At that time, our motto was: “Excellence has no limits and this gives us enthusiasm”.

Over the years, a road department appeared next to the rail department, and our motto became more detailed. Although the pursuit of perfection remains unchanged, our current motto indicates the method and direction of our activities: Go East! Go Clever!

Where are we from?

We are from the East and operate in eastern directions. Most of our team was born in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and studied in Poland. We understand the local conditions and the cultures in which we were raised, and we are part of it. We also have Poles in the company and we are able to integrate different ways of perceiving.

What are we like?

Clever is a mixture of cultures, diversity of ages and interests. Someone likes boxing, someone likes cooking, and someone likes Star Wars. And this mix is very tasty. We are clever, curious about the world, curious about each other. We are not afraid of challenges, support each other, sometimes argue, then we reconcile…

Over the years of our existence, the challenges we have faced and our adventures – we have gathered material for a good tv series. In several seasons. And another one is still being created.

Due to our values, we are not taking new transport topics to/from Russia and Belarus.

We combine European service quality and understanding of the East. We work both with enterprises in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine, as well as with their European suppliers-producers, and increasingly often, vice versa, with recipients.

We know the procedures and documentation requirements, we can prevent problems and solve them quickly.

So go East - only with Clever!

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